Firstly I’d like to give my thoughts on the show, I love competition shows so it was very entertaining to watch. I love seeing the contestants under pressure during the challenges. In the first challenge with Miles I learned something important. Although teachers don’t tell you this I think part of being a good photographer is being social. We saw that the guy who was eliminated wasn’t very social with his subject. He was rather awkward and quiet which led to his downfall. Opposed to the winner Roxy she was vocal with her subject and knew what she wanted. That first episode I really liked Roxy’s and the last guys picture. They captured motion and good technically. I think the two bottom ones should’ve been the first man and the second guy. Both had no motion which is what was the subject. I dont think the third guy deserved to be at the bottom because at least he hit the spot of the subject being “motion”. I was happy with the winner though her shot was very beautiful. I also liked the lesson of shooting till the very last second. The second episode was about shooting a model and yet managing to capture the detail of the dress. I loved the second shot the dress was gorgeous and he managed to capture all that sequence. This episode taught me that its important to know things in multiple fields. Like makeup for example the guy who was eliminated fell because he didn’t know much of makeup and he also didn’t know what to do with the model. The winner of this challenge I like the shot I just favored the second one more.

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Octavio Ocampo

The artist who made this was Octavio Ocampo, he is incredibly creative and talented. Not only is it a piece of surreal art but its also a optical illusion. His art is so inspiring, unique, and interesting to look at! As I was googling lists of surreal artist he stood out the most to me. His art has you questioning your mind as to what he was trying to convey. The precision of each item to not only have this be a painting of a lady but to make it look like scull from the breads to over all piece is jaw dropping. I think Octavio doesn’t have a specific message, if you look at all his pieces of work you will see multiple people see multiple things. He leaves it up to you to decide what you see and think. Which is what I love, I think you shouldn’t have to explain your art but sometimes your art should explain itself. I also love how his art is wacky nothing deep connected to it because not all art has to have a deep meaning behind it!


f/2.2 2.87mm ISO26
ISO 640


I think I have good composition in both i tried to make sure mu object was in the center of the picture. Editing wise i think it could’ve gone better, I have a hard time using Photopea so it was a hassle I wish i could make the lights on the second picture brighter along with my face. If I reshot this assignment I would go buy an actual frame but since I didn’t have one I had to make one out of cardboard scraps. Yes I do think they would deserve a chance on being on the home page I like the creativity of the clown makeup, and the lights framing the figure. However I don’t know because I’m sure there’s plenty other amazing ones.

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My friend and slender man
Cats! One is fading into butterflies and the other has a fishbowl on them, as they play in dark clouds.

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File Formats

Jpeg is the best known of all image file formats, JPEG files are compressed quickly in the camera, and thus result in a loss of detail and quality.  Tiff is the most commonly used industry-standard file format, the formats are usually uncompressed, and as a result offer the opportunity for extensive post-processing. RAW are generally available on advanced compact cameras and DSLRs, its the best option if you want to get the absolute best file from your camera. DNG is a file format, created by Adobe, is an attempt to create a standard raw file format across all manufacturers and cameras. PNG files are ideal for use on the internet, PNGs are that they are compressed in a lossless format, and so retain all the digital detail. GIF are ideal for use on the internet, they offer the ability to maintain transparency (but can’t support partial transparency) and also allow for animation. BMP was invented by Microsoft, BMPs are large file sizes as colour data is saved in each individual pixel in the image without any compression. PSD is what Adobe Photoshop uses as a default to save data, PSD files are that it allows for manipulation on specific individual layers, rather than on the main image itself.

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5 Tips for better portraits

So essentially shooting portraits has no direct rules nor do you have limits, but I learned 5 tips that can improve your style of shooting portraits. An obvious is to pick one focus point so if you’re shooting a person make them your focus not all the person and background. Another tip is to always focus on the eye so if you’re shooting a close up, you should have the person look directly at the camera. Another tip is to have a shallow depth of field makes your portraits look better. Following shallow depth of field is shooting in RAW this is because when shooting in raw you can make plenty of edits before making it into a JPG. A final tip is to always carry a gray card for your white balance.


f/4.0 75.00mm ISO 100

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Camera modes

First camera mode is automatic camera mode, Its basically your camera deciding whats best for the picture. Like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash. Next portrait mode select an object and blur out the background. It sets a narrow depth of field – ensuring your subject is the only thing in focus. After we have Marco mode and its basically lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close up. Depending on your camera each marco mode has different capabilities. Following marco mode is landscape mode which is self explanatory. It sets the camera up with a small aperture (large number) to make sure as much of the scene you’re photographing will be in focus as possible. Sports mode is used to photograph people in motion just like in the name, its ideal for people playing sports. When you photograph people in motion it attempts to freeze the action that’s happening. Next is night mode which is used for just like the name suggest the night. You can also use this mode to blur your background. After is movie mode it extends your digital camera from just capturing still images to capturing moving ones. However remember when you shoot a moving object it takes up more space on your camera. After comes the semi automatic modes like A or AV this mode is really a semi-automatic (or semi-manual) mode where you choose the aperture. Aperture priority mode is useful when you’re looking to control the depth of field. S or TV mode is for when select a shutter speed and the camera then chooses all of the other settings. Like when shooting something in motion you should choose a faster shutter speed. After is P mode which is similar to auto. Check your digital camera’s manual for how the Program mode differs from Automatic in your particular model. Lastly is manual mode. You have full control in manual mode over everything.


Very bland practice one :/

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Critique: alternative camera angles

I really love this picture for many reasons. One being for its angle of the picture, the bottom angle is very unique along with the pose she has going on i love it. I also like how the building behind her frame her. Her outfit choice was also very gorgeous the bold lip color and striped suit brought it together not to mention her choker is gorgeous as well. The way she looks straight into the camera is very eye catching. Another thing to note is how tall she seems you can see the opening of the buildings behind her which is like eye candy.